About Me

My name is Jane Worsfold, I have been a self employed Administrator - Your Friday Girl - for just over 12yrs, but with the pandemic of 2020 my business somewhat ceased and ..........

Bat Cave Cards was founded in April 2020, when a neighbour joked about making a stick figure drawing on a card for a friend, as the card shops were closed due to the first Covid 19 Lockdown - I said she could have asked me, as she knew I made cards for family birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc - at this point she said, 'You Should Sell them....... ' and as they say 'the rest is history'!

The name 'Bat Cave Cards' came about, as the room where my crafting takes place was called a Study on our extension plans, my husband & I couldn't decide what to call it, as it really was never going to be a study!, my Late Mother in Law jokingly referred to it as the Bat Cave, and the name stuck! .. ..

I am a Wife, Mum, to one married daughter-with three beautiful daughters (1 x 7yr old, and 2 x 4yr old twins) - the eldest is a budding Crafter and calls herself 'Granny's Chief Assistant Card maker' - She's also good at designing cards for me xx (The Pirate & Mermaid Teddies are her designs, and the Patchwork flowers are 100% made and designed by her), and I have to give her commission on any sales!!! - A budding Alan Sugar in the making x)

My 'Chief Assistant' card maker and I are hoping to attend a few craft fayres in 2021 - I will advertise on my Facebook Page when I do - it would be lovely to see there.

We've succesfully held 2 Pop Up shops - and now

Bat Cave Cards will be at the HLAA Craft Fair on Saturday 4th September - Hope to see you there - Helensburgh Parish Church Hall